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A Pink Affair: A Mother-Daughter Soirée

Ladies! You deserve an occasion to experience
"A Pink Affair: A Splendid Mother - Daughter Soirée!
Our spring 2016 brunch was held at the lovely Swan Coach House Tea Room in Atlanta, GA. It was a sell out!

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Our first Pink Affair Mother-Daughter Soirée was held on April 30th, 2016 at the Swan Coach House Tea Room in Atlanta. It was a huge success and was truly a return to a time of elegance, sophistication and lady-like experiences while providing opportunities for women and girls to share and connect. We were inspired by dynamic women and were given a unique opportunity to connect, build rapport, bond, learn and network with other innovative, progressive ladies who love sharing and supporting each other. In addition, a portion of our proceeds were shared with Sis Cares, who supports Sisters and their children in distress. Enjoy the photos from the event. Please SAVE the date for next year’s event… Saturday, April 29th, 2017.

Enjoy Photos From Our Spring 2016 Event!

Our Phenomenal Speakers Included

Tia Buckham-White

Tia Buckham-White will share “The Rule of A.C.E. The Notre Path for Connections in Life and Business. She is the founder of Notre Internationale, LLC an Atlanta based company focused on Self-Awareness, Diversity and Inclusion with a focus on Group Support and Team Engagement. Notre helps people, teams and organizations become more self–aware. The goal is to promote business effectiveness and strengthen productivity. Notre has this simple point of view: If you do not know yourself, you cannot know or lead others.

Dr Myla Bennett Powell

Dr. Myla Bennett Powell is a beauty preservation strategist, board certified plastic surgeon, speaker, and business mogul. She has become one of the most sought after female plastic surgeons on the east coast. A graduate of The Ohio State University Medical Center, Dr Myla specializes in aesthetic surgery of the face and body, as well as non-surgical facial rejuvenation. She has recently opened her own private practice, Ederra Bella Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa, PC in Johns Creek,Georgia. Her motto is, Preserve Your Pretty.

Vanda Teixeira

Vanda Teixeira is a healer who moves energy like no other. She offers a journey deep into yourself so that you may rise up to your truest path, your own thread of light, to be who you came here to be. Vanda is Founder & CEO of Vanda Inc., the To Be A Woman Global Empowerment Platform, 2BU Teen Empowerment Platform, and The Magic Ribbon Philanthropic Campaign. She is the author of the highly-acclaimed book ‘To Be A Woman,’ and Creator of Tools for Your Soul™.

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Hosted by Chloe Taylor Brown & Tonya Henderson Freeman: Photography By MECCA Gamble

Previous Girly-Girl experiences at The Swan Coach House include Chloé Taylor Brown & Tonya Henderson Freeman, three of Chloé's Nieces at Miesha's bridal shower & Chloé about to enjoy a cupcake!

A Pink Affair: At The Swan Coach House www.thechloexperience.com

This Soirée was Presented by The Girl-Swag Project and Dolls To Divas, Inc. It was hosted by Chloé Taylor Brown and Tonya Henderson Freeman, women who love Lady-Like experiences and inspiring women and girls. This event supported the efforts of Sis Cares, a non-profit founded by Karen Phelps Moyer.

Chloe Taylor Brown: The Girl-Swag Project www.thechloexperience.com

Chloé Taylor Brown is the author of four books, including Getting Ready Chloé-Style: Perfecting Your Authentic Image, Determine Your Ideal: Lifestyle Enhancement Workbook, and Girl-Swag: A Global Girl’s Curriculum for Personal Development & Lifestyle Enhancement and creator of the Girl-Swag Project and Initiative. She has recently released her forth book, a memoir titled, I Can Laugh Again: From the Valley of Grief to a Glimpse of Heaven. Chloé is the Founder and President of The Chloé Xperience, where she works with professional women and men as a behavioral, executive and lifestyle strategist, she is the co-creator of the Personal Excellence Profile, a global profiling tool that shows individuals and teams where they are and how to move higher to accomplish more; in addition, she a lifestyle model with SALT Model & Talent.

Tonya Henderson Freeman: Dolls To Divas: www.thechloexperience.com

Tonya Henderson Freeman is the founder of Dolls to Divas, Inc. where she helps young ladies see the beauty in being a “Doll” and growing into being a DIVA.  She is a certified facilitator for “7 Habits of Highly Effective People, has over 30 years of mentoring experiences, and has worked at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for more than 25 years.  Her mission with her organization is to encourage young ladies to see beyond the “video” and think “outside the box” about life and career choices.   Defining a DIFFERENT type of Diva.

Sis Cares: A Pink Affair: A Mother-Daughter Soiree www.thechloexperience.com

Sis Cares is a non-profit foundation of Sisters In Sports founded by Karen Phelps Moyer. It is the chosen nonprofit A Pink Affair: A Mother-Daughter Soirée supports. “There’s nothing more rewarding than helping our fellow Sisters—and the communities they live in. That’s why our Sis Cares mission is twofold. To provide critical resources to Sisters and their children experiencing physical, emotional or financial distress. Then as a group, working together to respond to tragedy in our local communities. As professional sports families, we’re in a special position to share our time and talents. We also understand how circumstances and tragedy can change someone’s world forever. Let’s use our unique platform to make a difference.”

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