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Retro Glamour: With Marisa DiCicco, Glamour Blooms Correspondent for The CX

Marisa DiCicco is our Glamour Blooms correspondent from Boston. This lady loves natural green living and being glamorous as well. Her goal is to share how we can all enhance our lifestyle through natural, organic and fun ways of being glamorous and learning how to bloom right where we’ve been planted. (Click Read More to listen to

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According to Abraham Harris, NYC Correspondent for The Chloé Xperience radio show and #TheCX blog,

“We attract what we’re ready for” and it’s as simple as that.

What Are You Attracting? #TheCX The Chloe Xperience Blog

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Golden October Days In Holly Springs. My Hometown In Mississippi.

When I was a teenager one of the best spots within my home town of Holly Springs, Mississippi to hangout, of all places was the National Forest. Can you believe it? Me? Actually, we didn’t have a lot to do so a lot of families would visit, especially on Sundays. This particular area was a wonderful spot to be reflective. It’s the Wall Doxey State Park, which is centered on a lovely spring lake inside the National Forest. It seemed so large then… however, this is where I started being present and still.

~Chloé Taylor Brown


Milan Fashion Week & Street Style: By Abraham Harris