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Young Women’s Initiative Promotes Girl-Swag!

Young Women & Girl’s Initiative Looking To Create Community Partnerships for Whole-Life Swag Across America! Have you ever been so on purpose in your life sowing such wonderful seeds that you knew one day would grow completely out of control like wild flowers, spread, and inspire the world? This is what I believe is happening with Girl-Swag—a

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Take Your Identity Back: Marisa DiCicco Is Straight Up With Chloé Taylor Brown

Moms! We matter! Listen up ladies because Marisa DiCicco is back with a very inspiring message to all of us for Mother’s Day. It’s time to take our identity back. (Click the link above to listen-8 minutes) Be inspired when you listen to this heartfelt conversation between Chloé Taylor Brown, host of Bread-Winning Moms With Chloé

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