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She Is The Queen And The Breadwinner At Home

According to a recent article on BRAVO.com/blog, “Women wear the pants now” and “The days of the full-time, stay-at-home-mom are practically over.” With all do respect, I disagree with the “wearing the pants” part by saying this: we wear what we want to wear because we are queens and breadwinners. However, I do agree that women

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Being confident has nothing to do with having a “just right” body, ladies.

I believe being confident is about taking care of the body you’ve been gifted and being the best you in the whole wide world–especially in your own life, today, right now. I also believe we need to do our best in letting go of what other women are doing. That’s their business. This is about you darling, and the good news is it’s perfect timing right now. You’re not too late or too early to take pride in taking care of yourself.

Share with us what confidence means to you and we’ll talk bout it on The Chloé Xperience radio show this week.

You deserve it, and I know you can do it.

~Chloé Taylor Brown


#Question: What Can Chloé Taylor Brown Do For You?

Hello there! It’s so wonderful to connect with you today. Thank you! Did you know the formula to gain higher levels of happiness, excellence, fulfillment and peace starts with being authentic and true to yourself? Yes, authenticity + a high value of self + awareness + a vision + goals set with intention = the elixir that creates success, abundance and

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