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Body Image, Feminine Power & Women’s Success

The Chloé XperienceCoaching Self LoveBody Image, Feminine Power & Women’s Success

Ladies, let’s embrace our feminine power. It’s a beautiful gift to us from God. When we embrace our “womanhood” and our womanly qualities and use these attributes and personal characteristics to enhance our life and the lives of others its resoprosity and .

It’s amazing to me how following a simple little process for the next twenty-one days could possibly change the entire direction of your future. The cool thing about this process is it’s all about you, the woman in the mirror loving, liking and respecting herself more…and it starts with your body and your body image. Body image is the way you feel about yourself and it shows up in all area of your life and suggest how powerful, certain and inspiring you are or how weak, timid or uncertain you may be in your value of yourself.

If you’re ready to break out of the vicious cycle of self-sabotage the first thing I suggest is to stop talking negatively about yourself and your body. Start doing this now and follow this process, and make sure to pay attention to how much more you’ll start to love and respect yourself… and your body. You will start to become your most excellent self by thinking better, feeling better and looking absolutely amazing.

Follow these suggestions for the next 21 days to acquire body image esteem, self-acceptance, self-love and feminine power.

  1. Embrace your feminine power by taking advantage of a luxurious bath or soothing shower—afterwards, stand in front of your full-length mirror in your birthday suit and admire your beautiful body.
  2. Choose your favorite slow music and start a slow dance with your body as you continue to admire your beautiful body in the mirror.
  3. Create your own positive affirmations. Talk to yourself and your body. Affirm your body now and throughout the day.
  4. Look at yourself lovingly as you affirm all the positive traits and characteristics of your body by telling yourself what you love most about your body and how proud you are of those parts of your body.
  5. Feel the love that God has poured into your body as you moisturize and caress it with your favorite lotions and oils, all while slow dancing with your body.
  6. Be present within your spirit, yourself and your body so you can get to know the “legitimate you” better, go deeper into your individuality, your personality and your untapped potentiality. Receive it and accept it.
  7. Notice how your body language becomes more positive and powerful now and throughout the day(s).
  8. Think of your life flowing just the way you want it to flow, then pay attention to how that makes you feel.
  9. Reflect on these great, positive feelings as you move throughout your amazing day.
  10. Notice how when you’re feeling bad you’re thinking badly. You can’t always monitor your thoughts, darling, but, you sure can monitor your feelings and if they are emotional or mental think about what you’ve been thinking about and get back in the positive flow.

That’s it! It’s as simple as that. I’m excited for you because I know you’re very capable of loving the essence of who you are and working what you’ve got; that special quality that sets you apart. When you tap into this power within your true self… you will be indomitable, fierce, beautiful and loving, with the force of the feminine power.

Chloé Taylor Brown, author of Getting Ready Chloé-Style: Perfecting Your Authentic Image

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