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Professional Presence & “Image Power”


When was the last time you were totally sold on yourself?

The way you present yourself can set you apart and give you power and credibility – or your personal brand and image can destroy your chances of ever getting through the right doors, not to mention obtaining great success in certain areas of your life.

Your appearance is your first communication device and, if used properly, it can be one of your most effective communication tools.

My goal is to sell you on your whole self. Once you understand how dynamic and fabulous you are you’ll be able to choose a professional persona, identity or “brand” that best fits you, and one that can help you get more of what you want professionally. It’s part of Professional Presence. Once you’ve determined your ideal persona for work and those characteristics you’ll be ready to create and perfect your authentic image and style based on that… from the inside out and from head to toe. To get started I’ve come up with an easy system called The Selfing Process.

The Selfing Process is the communication of the self, which allows you to “put on.” This process includes five layers of getting ready that work harmoniously together. However, the necessary prerequisites are respecting yourself and liking yourself.

The five layers of the selfing process include:

  1. Verbal communication
  2. Poise, posture and movement
  3. Manners and etiquette
  4. Grooming and Cosmetics
  5. Clothing and fashion

The selfing process is mainly visual, though it can be tangible, and involve other senses as well.

Chloé-Style tips to manage and maintain your image.

  1. Eat properly by including lots of fresh live foods in your daily diet.
  2. Drink lots of water.
  3. Follow a wellness program and get your beauty/handsome rest.
  4. Keep your teeth clean and white
  5. Smile big.
  6. Laugh out loud–often.
  7. Men, learn how to keep your complexion smooth and clear and maintain facial hair.
  8. Women, learn how to apply beautiful, natural-looking make-up–quick.
  9. Keep a haircut and style that will minimize bad hair days.
  10. Women, keep cute, natural-looking hair pieces, wigs and/or hair accessories if you’re prone to having too many bad hair days even with a great hair cut and style.
  11. Maintain a pleasing personality and energetic mood–this will attract others to you in a positive way.
  12. Take care of your body and dress like you’re proud of it (men and women, this does not mean exposing your body in any way).
  13. Shop to add key signature pieces to your existing wardrobe and don’t forget to have your clothes and wardrobe altered to fit you.
  14. Maintain your wardrobe by keeping your closet organized and clutter-free.
  15. Continue to develop your professional “brand” persona or identity based on your authenticity, what you want to accomplish and where you want to go.

Your goals

  • To know who you are innately.Chloe Taylor Brown's Professional Presence Series www.thechloexperience.com
  • To start seeing yourself accomplishing your goals effortlessly.
  • To dress for effect.

Go ahead, allow the real authentic you to shine through boldly and powerfully.
To learn more about Image Power please check out my book, Getting Ready Chloé-Style: Perfecting Your Authentic.

Please check out the 3-hour Perfecting Your Authentic Image Workshop I’m hosting on July 26th in Atlanta, GA from 11:00 to 2:00 PM. This workshop is for both men and women.

Thank you!

Chloé Taylor Brown

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