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Coaching With Chloé

What Can Coaching With Chloé Do For You?

Coaching With Chloé helps professionals be more, do better and get more of what they want based on their authenticity!

Chloé’s SAVVY System

Great Coaching Helps You Determine Your Ideal & Live It!

Why Coaching With Chloé?

This coaching technique focuses on an individual's entire life as it relates to choosing what you truly want to accomplish. This system observes, considers and elevates the whole person for optimum wellbeing, sustainable success and fulfillment.

Millennials, Coaching With Chloé & The PEP System™

Millennials are getting ahead by using Chloé's Savvy Coaching Techniques & The PEP System™. They are well educated, tech savvy and looking for intellectual, fun ways to be better, do good and live authentically and the PEP is the perfect tool for these out of the box, progressive thinkers who want to ``do life`` their way.

Client Testimonials Are Wonderful

Above Jeri shares her thoughts about The PEP Coaching System™

PEP Adventures

Ask about sharing The PEP System™ for your next Conference, Workshop, Presentation, Lunch-N-Learn or Speaking Opportunity

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Thank You!

Above are a few photos of individuals who have taken the Personal Excellence Profile Assessment and have gotten great benefits as a result. Some have been Life Coaching or Executive Coaching clients who are also happy with their results. Thank you for logging on to my coaching page and I hope to connect with you in the near future.

Chloe Taylor Brown: TheChloeXperience.com

First and foremost, savvy lifestyle coaching is a very personal relationship between coach and client. Therefore, chosen coaching clients must be highly motivated to change with a fierce desire to learn and grow. In other words, you must be in it to win.

This is leading-edge coaching strategies and processes. It includes navigating through life’s challenges and helping with career situations and career advancements. It’s about “you” accomplishing your goals. The best coaching addresses your entire life and that’s what Savvy Coaching does. It will help you find balance and harmony. It will help you discover new ways to live authentically and out loud.

I accomplish my coaching goals by showing my clients how to embrace and live their beliefs, ethics, morals, hopes, and dreams.

~Chloé Taylor Brown

Dynamic | Unique | Sustainable

Coaching with Chloé is a progressive, unique and innovative style of coaching that is currently used with Fortune 50 to 500 corporations, college students and professionals of all levels. It is based on The PEP System™ and is considered to be the world’s leading-edge transformational training and whole-life coaching technique and system.

It includes helping you:

  • Discover who you are innately.

  • Boost your “Value of Self” and your self-esteem.

  • Draw out and create a personalized life mantra.

  • Determine your Ideal, “Big Life Game” or Purpose.

  • Set goals, understand your goals, prioritize your goals.

  • Get into the spirit of play and creativity

  • Create a blueprint to reach their goals, “Big Life Game” or purpose.

Sessions & Training

During one-on-one coaching, group coaching and team training the client comes up with their own solutions. However, within the framework of Coaching With Chloé and the PEP Coaching System™ the coach provides a dynamic supportive platform of self-discovery in addition to sharing inspired revelations at times to help clients find their answers a Savvy Coach helps clients create strategies to enhance, change and transform their life at home and at work.

Coaching Chloe-Style: The PEP System www.thechloeXperience.com

Coaching With Chloé using the PEP is about setting up “your ideal life-game” followed by action oriented activities, accountability and follow-through to support personal and professional growth. It is highly energized forward moving and future-focused coaching and training.

The best clients for PEP Coaching are individuals who have known success in their life previously and may have fallen backward for various reasons. Or individuals who want to move to a higher level and ready to make the necessary changes to get there.

Who Loves Coaching With Chloé!

Clients have included college students, small business owners, housewives, managers, directors and high-level executives, administrators, attorneys, doctors, entertainers and athletes, a federal judge once and even a truck driver. These individuals have one thing in common; they are ready for a change in their lives and they are ready to take responsibility to step into a life of choice and action… a that’s aligned with their authentic goals and true values. They’re “thinking about” how life can be amazing, excellent, and wonderful, and they are now ready to make it happen.

How To Be Considered For Coaching With Chloé?

To be considered for Savvy Coaching With Chloé everyone starts at the beginning, by taking the Personal Excellence Profile assessment, the PEP! The initial cost is only $97!

The initial interview with a potential Savvy Coaching client is only $97 and starts with the Personal Excellence Profile assessment. It ask essential questions about who you are and your views. The assessment is then analyzed and debriefed with you (the client) via Skype or phone and generally takes about 30 minutes with a real person. You may take notes or record your debrief with permission from the person debriefing your results. After the debrief the PEP Coach Practitioner will let you know if you are a good candidate for our coaching practice and services. Several options will be discussed. In addition you will receive by e-mail a PEP booklet for your review.

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