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Determine Your Ideal!

Do this before creating a vision board.

"The secret to getting your vision off the board and into your life starts by being crystal clear about who you are and what you truly want to be up to in your daily life. Get that with the Determine Your Ideal Coaching Program.

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Living our dream starts with a determined ideal, a pathway to get us there, determination, and the guts to be “real” and follow through!

I want to help you be more certain, clear and intentional about being more of your authentic self, and living your life based on what you see, feel and want. Can you imagine what it will feel like to be more self assured, outgoing, dynamic, successful, generous, beautiful/handsome, and living your ideal life and lifestyle? We can all do this; especially with a determined ideal and our own playbook to follow. That’s what this program is about…drawing out your highest ideals, getting you to experience it within your essence first. Otherwise your vision board is just that, a board. The processes within the Determine Your Ideal workbook will help you get into the spirit of your who, what and why, which invigorates you in such a way that can now attract what you put on your vision board.  

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Determine Your Ideal Before Creating Your Vision Board.

Determine Your Ideal is a simple and effective program that has been created by Chloé Taylor Brown to be an inexpensive coaching course and guide for people who work well independently or in small groups. If you complete this course and apply what you create into your life daily your results will unfold into a marvelous holographic vision that will guide you to being, attracting and living what you’re intentional about.

The Determine Your Ideal coaching program is a blueprint with a series of creative processes, visualization techniques, and a gradient step-by-step process that will allow you to tap into your authenticity and your innate power.

“Chloé’s Determine Your Ideal program is your answer! Her process of self-inquiry, big thinking, and creating a “holographic vision” will transform you into a powerful manifesto of your own experiences.. full of joy, passion, and nearly infinite reward.” (Endorsed by Bob Doyle, A featured teacher in the “Hit” movie and book, “The SECRET”!

Chloé & Bob Doyle
Featured Law Of Attraction Teacher In The Movie & Book, ``The SECRET``

A $47 Coaching Program For Only $17

Get your downloadable ``Determine Your Ideal`` program right here and discover your I Am-ness!

This coaching program includes the complete PDF workbook, a 4-track MP3 audio series and a life lesson in being intentional and accomplishing your goals by creating monthly, weekly and daily action steps that work and add up to you living and enjoying your ideal life!

Determine Your Ideal and discover the secrets to experiencing abundant health, wealth, peace, joy, and laughter! A former client's testimonial.