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I Can Laugh Again: A Memoir by Chloé Taylor Brown

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I Can Laugh Again, Memoir by Chloe Taylor Brown

I Can Laugh Again
From the Valley of Grief to a Glimpse of Heaven

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Because I Can Laugh Again I Am Grateful and Glad!

Facing My Discomfort: Chloe Taylor Brown #TheCX
Riveting and inspiringLoved the way she writes. I was completely drawn in from the start. She tells her story as if you are in her mind hearing her thoughts. It’s inspiring, freeing, and transparent.”

~Aron Cooper

“I do not like to read and I only read books that keep me interested and never in one sitting. I just read Chloe’s book “I Can Laugh Again” in one sitting and still crying. Love it. So good! Great job my dear! I loved everything about it.

~Linda Vettrus-Nichols

“What a great read! This book brought me to tears. It’s for anyone who has ever experienced a profound loss—of a spouse, lover, parent, child, or best friend. We all have within us the ability to pull ourselves out of that dark place after losing a loved one. You’ve shown us there is light and life after such an experience, if we only allow ourselves to go there.”

~Carl Nelson, producer and philanthropist

“Chloé Taylor Brown shows her beauty from within as she shares the story of the tragic, painful loss of her sweet dear son, Justin. Her personal journey of keeping the family together through their ‘new normal’ is real, authentic, and full of hope for others suffering such great loss, especially of a child. Her faith, even when in doubt, carried her to be a loving wife and devoted mother to her living children with incredible grace and dignity, which will be tremendously inspiring to anyone who reads this book.”

~Karen Moyer, founder, The Moyer Foundation

“I remember meeting Chloé during this most turbulent and troubling time. This book so captures the emotions that she and her family experienced. I have watched her blossom through this tragedy. I trust that this book will be a push to all of those who experience extreme difficulties: Life isn’t over; it is a new and powerful beginning!”

~Jill Burcham, Pastor, P.U.S.H. Ministries

Chloé is the author of three additional books!

All of Chloé’s books are available at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and everywhere books are sold. For all media inquiries or to book Chloé to speak and for media appearances please contact Madeleine: malmering@saltmat.com