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My I Am-ness! I Am Woman Coaching With Chloé

I Am Woman Coaching With Chloe Taylor Brown www.thechloexperience.com
Chloe Taylor Brown: Behavioral, Executive & Lifestyle Strategist

Unleashing Your I Am-ness!

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Opportunities are presenting themselves everywhere we turn. All we’ve got to do is step out of our comfort zone and meet them. Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich” said we have to “woo” opportunities and money like a lover. In other words, don’t be trying to play “Opportunity” like a one night stand or some cheap trick. Let’s develop real relationships by knowing ourself first, and what we bring to the table. Let’s get our mind, spirit, body and skills right for “Opportunity” so that when it presents itself we’ll know it. 

Over the years I’ve learned that our potential, power and purpose are all intertwined within our authentic self. I’ve also discovered first hand and from being an observant coach that for any woman to be whole, spirited and well she must value her own unique self first, learn to trust her instincts and go within herself to decide what she truly wants to accomplish. In other words, in order for us to live a meaningful life we each must discover and follow our own God-given North Star to personal fulfillment. This is what I Am Woman coaching and discovering our I Am-ness is about, women following their own North Star to greater fulfillment!

In this 6-week coaching course you’ll experience some of the same processes and strategies I share with high-level corporate clients, entertainers, doctors, students, women in transition, and many others who are ready to invest in themselves now. I look forward to connecting with you in January, 2017!

Chloé Taylor Brown

Our goals are to access where you are currently, determine what you want to accomplish, help you create a blueprint using dynamic life processes that have worked over and over for women, millennial to baby boomers.


My I Am-ness!
A 6-Week ``I Am Woman`` Coaching Course

$47.17Unleashing your authenticity & excellence!

Invest $47.17 into your overall well-being before December 27th to participate in “I Am Woman” coaching!

Are you ready to move into your own unique gifts and authenticity? Do you want to develop your talents and skills, and harness your personal I Am-ness?

Are you on a quest to be whole, well and spirited?

I Am Woman coaching helps women discover their innate self-ness, unique characteristics, talents, and skills to create and become their ideal self. This personal development and training has increased women’s ability to leverage their knowledge and uniqueness to accomplish their goals faster, strategically and while enjoying the process.

Learn how to set your goals based on your unique ideal. Produce and accomplish your personal goals more effectively; for yourself first and foremost, for your family, within your community, at work, in your business, or wherever is truly important to you.

Coach Chloe Taylor Brown" www.thechloexperience.com

Take advantage of an elite step-by-step system to readjust, remake, and revitalize your whole life!  

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  1. I Am woman coaching, mentoring and training is about inspiration, encouragement and empowerment. It’s about honoring your own self, your authenticity and who you’re really meant to be and become.
  2. I Am woman coaching is about discovering how to use more of your excellence and your natural powers (authentically), in your personal and professional life to accomplish more.
  3. I Am woman coaching is about remembering who you are as a well and whole woman.
  4. I Am woman coaching is about having the capacity to integrate your emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and aesthetic health, which brings contentment, peace, happiness, prosperity, harmony and wholeness within your life and your life experiences.
  5. I Am Woman coaching is about thinking good, feeling wonderful, looking amazing, acting courageously, contributing greatly, producing abundantly and living your ideal life as your authentic self, not who others want or expect you to be.

Levels Of I Am-ness and I Am Woman Coaching!

Access Your Authenticity & Your Excellence

Step 1: I Am-ness!

I Am Woman coaching starts by each participant taking the Personal Excellence Profile (The PEP) to access where you are currently in your authenticity and excellence. It also includes a group follow up discussion and a PEP booklet.

Step 2: I Am-ness!

This part of I Am Woman coaching is a 3-week, 3-hour “Life Set-up” transformational group coaching series. It includes creating your personal “life mantra” and defining your “Big Life Game” or purpose.

Step 3: I Am-ness!

This part of I Am Woman coaching is a 2-week, 2-hour process of designing the day-to-day blueprint and strategies to practice your “Big Life Game” and purpose.

The Finale

This part of I Am Woman coaching is a 1-hour wrap up and celebration of wins and accomplishment. It includes retaking the Personal Excellence Profile to evaluate your growth with a group follow up debrief.

Here Are The 12 Vital Benefits Of Participating In “I Am-ness” and I Am Woman Coaching!

  1. Learn to value yourself more
  2. Become more perceptive
  3. Make better decisions
  4. Be a more authentic and dynamic communicator
  5. Learn to build rapport effortlessly
  6. Discover the power of interacting with the right people
  7. Take the correct and necessary actions to accomplish your goals
  8. Start producing more of what you intend to produce
  9. Have a high level of certainty
  10. Elevate your ability to command and lead yourself and others
  11. Start expanding in the areas that are important to you
  12. Accomplish what you have decided to accomplish and more.

My I Am-ness!
A 6-Week ``I Am Woman`` Coaching Course


Invest in your overall well-being by participating in “I Am Woman” coaching!

Join us Tuesday, January 24th through Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 for an exclusive online 6-Week I Am Woman coaching course for only $47.17.

Unleash your authenticity and elevate your excellence.