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Professional Presence

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Corporate clients who have hired Chloé to deliver ``Professional Presence`` training & one-on-one coaching to enhance associates and executive's personal brand.

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Professional Presence Symposiums, Workshops & Training Focus On The Following

  1. Your verbal communication style

  2. What does your appearance, manners, body language, and communication style say about you
  3. Developing your personal brand, identity, image and persona
  4. How to be authentic and hold your position powerfully

Your Image Is Your Brand

Executive Clients & Magazine Covers Styled by Chloé

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Chloé Taylor Brown’s

Professional Presence Series

Influential and charismatic professionals and leaders are advancing their careers and businesses by developing their Professional Presence, which is the process of acquiring and using a set of “critical career behaviors” in order to grow your career and expand professionally. These skills can be developed in the same way we develop our writing, speaking and technical skills… it takes practice, practice, practice.

Professional Presence With Author, Lifestyle & Executive Coach Chloe Taylor Brown

Do You Have Professional Presence?

If you have the ability to engage people and draw them to you and your cause in a compelling way you have charisma and professional presence. Your tribe wants to hear more from you because you have something valuable or entertaining to share, and you enjoy “communicating” in a fluent, confident manner.

Professional Presence is also having effective non-verbal communication skills. Your ability to look people in the eye while talking to them combined with your good manners, proper etiquette, and your stylish wardrobe is a priceless combination when used appropriately. You know how to hold your position, command respect, and get the job done while inspiring others to grow, develop and change. When you’re sharing with your tribe your experience, knowledge and expertise is apparent by your expressive and engaging vocabulary, grammar and your verbal skills.

If This Narrative Doesn’t Represent You Then Don’t Worry, We’ve Got You Covered.

Having charisma and professional presence can be learned, developed and perfected to fit each person’s authenticity. This is why top organizations and corporations have hired personal development experts such as Chloé Taylor Brown to come on board to work with their high-potential employees and top executives. Now, you too can get a real head start by attending the “Perfecting Your Authentic Image” lunch symposium. You’ll work with one of the world’s top image, brand and personal development experts.

Develop Your Professional Presence!

Chloé Taylor Brown is an expert coach who provides the framework, questions, exercises, and accountability for her clients to make the transition and positive changes they want out of life. When clients have no idea what they want she takes them through a discovery process to determine their “ideal” and goals. Chloé wears many hats when it comes to transformation, she is a facilitator, advocate, mentor, friend, navigator, partner, and sometimes a consultant.

Getting Ready!

Chloé Taylor Brown is the author of four books, including Getting Ready Chloé-Style: Perfecting Your Authentic Image. When women and men are Getting Ready Chloé-Style you will remain true to yourself and to your authentic image, brand, identity and persona. You will be able to step out into the world to take on the day, the job, the fun, the event, and all of life, while being poised, polished, put together, charismatic and present.

Professional Presence Consultations

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Professional Presence
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