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We’re a global movement! Led by women and girl’s advocate, executive life coach and 4-time author, Chloé Taylor Brown. Our platform includes a weekly radio show and podcasts, innovative events, progressive mentoring, coaching and fun training designed to inspire and compel women toward greater authenticity, fulfillment and achievement, personally and professionally.


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March is Women’s History Month! March 8th is International Women’d Day and we’re celebrating by being a champion for women in business with Lady Patterson and Nancy J. Lewis. Join our conversation for inspiration, how-too’s and processes that work.

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Meet Marisa DiCicco Glamour Blooms

Health & Beauty Contributor, Boston Correspondent For I Am Woman Radio!

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Every person has their own “Ideal” and it must be discovered, determined and declared. Get started here.

A Word From Chloé Taylor Brown

Did you know that for more than 100 years, women and men across the world have come together on March 8th to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievement of women? We’re doing the same all month long on “I Am Woman” radio and we want you to be part of our weekly conversations and part of our tribe; off line and online via our social media circles @iamwomanradio. Get connected, build rapport and collaborate with progressive, dynamic women who have applicable knowledge and information to share that works. Be entertained, inspired and compelled to be all you can be, and let’s have fun doing it.

~Chloé Taylor Brown

Chloé works with women in corporate America, individuals, teams, groups and female business owners to become crystal clear on who they are and where their power comes from. She coaches her clients to declare what they truly want in life, personally and professionally and helps them create an authentic blueprint to accomplish their goals.

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I Am Woman is provocative but easygoing. Our segments are for both the novice and the connoisseur. Topics range from art, fashion, dining, eco-elegance, technology, and literature, as well as vocational excellence, family, friendship and current topics relevant to our audience. Our listeners are from the millennial to the baby boomer and those interested in living well and the pursuit of wholeness; including body, mind, spirit and soul.

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Do you have an amazing business, product or service you would like to share with thousands via video, social media and our word of mouth marketing campaign? We’re providing a dynamic platform to garner more exposure for entrepreneurs, creatives and small business owners through our I Am Woman global platform Let’s connect here.

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Are women wearing the pants now and are the days of the full-time, stay-at-home-moms over?  Read more of our recent blog post, “She Is The Queen And The Breadwinner At Home.”

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Fitting in is overrated, ladies. Going along with the crowd simply doesn’t work, in fact, it keeps you average and status quo. Learn to Create Your Unique Brand to stand out and move ahead faster in today’s competitive job market.

"I Am Woman"

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We Support & Empower Young Women & Girls Through Girl-Swag!

This is a global initiative and curriculum for girls, age 10 through high school! “When we save a girl, we save generations, even nations.”

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Meet Our Team

Chloé Taylor Brown
I Am Woman Movement Creator, Executive Producer & Radio Show Host

I Am an encourager on a mission to inspire and compel women to be whole and fierce. I admire badass women and tracking down trailblazers, door openers, leaders and innovators to reveal their excellence, personal struggles, intimate stories and great wins in life. I believe if “they” can do it “we” can do it too… especially together.

Marisa DiCicco
I Am Woman Radio Show Lifestyle Enthusiast

I believe Glamour Blooms from the inside out and love encouraging people to live well. I’m on a quest to find ways we can enhance our lifestyle through natural, organic and fun ways of blooming right where we’ve been planted.

Tia Buckham-White
I Am Woman Radio Business Contributor

I love supporting and engaging people on their journey toward self-awareness and intercultural understanding. I pride myself on being able to offer real business solutions for small business owners to fortune 500 organizations.

André Ross
I Am Woman Publicist, Brand Manager & Guest Booker

I take pride in knowing the brands I work with will be represented at the highest level of professionalism while increasing the brand’s equity. I get tuned in and turned on working on big PR and marketing campaigns that cultivate national brand awareness.

Jade Cherell
I Am Woman, Millennial Blogger

I’m a dreamer, adventurer, lover, gypsy, athlete, organic food enthusiast, and I love music festivals and outdoor fun.

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