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Does Red Lipstick With Cat-Eye Makeup Show Dominance?


A new study shows cat eye makeup and red lipstick have made a comeback and can indeed, help some women reach the top of the social and work ladder; if applied properly. Let’s face it, many women never leave their homes without some form of make-up on, and most of the world’s most intelligent and beautiful women wear make up. Mascara and lipstick are among the top items we choose time and again.

The make-up industry makes billions of dollars every year trying to tell women how to become more beautiful and confident. Let’s face it. Make-up is only “skin” deep.

Red lipstick and cat-eye makeupOur confidence needs to come from within. This is a hard task to push when researchers find that both men and women believe that faces with makeup are more attractive. Research also shows that even babies gravitate toward more attractive faces. It also shows that women who see makeup-wearing women view them as being more dominant. On the other hand men see those same women as being prestigious.

In a world when women should be applauded for using their brains, how can we break past this makeup exterior and empower women and teen girls from the inside out?

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