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How Do You Want To Be Remembered?


While working out today I consciously chose to motivate myself by listening to a You Tube video titled, How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

I was truly inspired. It helped me put my thoughts, dreams and actions in order. I’m learning that clarity is Power and that I have to pass up on being good to get to great.
None of us will become great in our own comfort zone. 
One day we might all be in a nursing home… who’s going to be there for us? So when you’re on your death bed how will your legacy ripple? Are you going to make a big splash or are you going to be a tiny pebble in the pond?
How many people will show up to your funeral? How many people did you positively impact? Will your death make them cry because you’re not here anymore to have an effect on them? How will you be remembered? Will you be remembered at all?
If you’re reading this then your life is not done yet. Now is the time to go after everything you’ve ever wanted. It’s not too late.Marisa DiCicco for Glamour Blooms www.thechloeXperience.com Time will expire one day, so you’ve gotta beat the clock. Start now.
Would you like to join Chloé Taylor Brown and myself for a live radio show to discuss this motivating topic to grow and glow? Let us know by commenting here and we’ll keep you posted about the day and time and invite you to be a guest.
Leaving a Legacy of Love,
Marisa DiCicco

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