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Young Women’s Initiative Promotes Girl-Swag!


Young Women & Girl’s Initiative Looking To Create Community Partnerships for Whole-Life Swag Across America!

Have you ever been so on purpose in your life sowing such wonderful seeds that you knew one day would grow completely out of control like wild flowers, spread, and inspire the world? This is what I believe is happening with Girl-Swag—a 12-Step curriculum and program I created, wrote and published into a workbook. It helps young women and girls embrace their authenticity and become more confident in who they truly are and who they really want to become. Girl-Swag is eductive! it demonstrates ways for them to “draw out” from their untapped potential.

The Girl-Swag curriculum is amazing and the movement is positioned to touch many lives.

Girl-Swag! 12 Weeks with 12 GirlsThe goal is clear. We want to impact the self image and self efficacy of girls around the globe by bringing new flavor, energy and fun explosive processes for a new generation of young women and girls to transition and transform their lives!

Girl-Swag: The curriculum and movement with Chloe Taylor BrownGirl-Swag is an exquisite compilation of all of my work to this point. We are living in a time when it is imperative that we make an intentional effort to reach out to our young women and girls. Desperate times call for audacious measures! Young women and girls need more than role models…they need our attention, involvement, guidance, and a step-by-step guide to help them to design their lives based on their own uniqueness and God-given talents. Whose in?


Chloé Taylor Brown

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